Hey guys, how’s your week going?
Sometimes last week I visited the Lekki Conservation Center for the second time. The first time I was there was probably 4 years ago. I didn’t have a blog then plus I heard a number of changes had taken place so I went to check it out with a friend of course.

We called a cab (Taxify) from Adeola Odeku in Victoria Island to LCC and it cost us N1800. Now I normally would use Uber but I remembered a friend telling me Taxify was “cheaper” so I tried it. It wasn’t cheaper in my opinion.

On getting there we were directed to a stand to get our tickets. It costs N1000 for entry but going on the famous canopy walk cost an extra N1000 (that’s  a total of N2000) not bad at all.

After getting our tickets my friend and I decided to get something to eat, we were directed to something that was supposed to be a restaurant. Apparently they cook your food after you order it and it would take 30 minutes , we were too hungry to wait so we just ordered some snacks and left. Plus the attendant was a little rude.


We start our tour with a guide and once it was time for the canopy walk the sheep were separated from the lions…(those who went on the canopy walk were the lions) Lol!

Before getting on the canopy there are instructions to read and follow for your safety. One of them was that we can’t be more than 12 persons on one canopy to avoid putting too much weight on it. We went in groups of 12, each group waiting for the other before getting on the next canopy (Some people didn’t adhere to this though) we had to keep shouting “go back” or “wait for us to get off” . Nigerians rush everything, even a leisure activity! We even had a kid in our group who was jumping on it. (Annoying right?)

I was so sacred but I made it through not sure I got a picture on the canopy itself. I didn’t want to risk my phone falling off. My friend did manage to get videos of me which I posted on my Instagram page. (You should watch it)

LCC is such a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment with lots of props. Very good for photoshoots, picnics and hangouts if you ask me. I also got to see monkeys jump about and snatch people’s foods. Hahaha

There was a really tall tree house which I didn’t get to climb cause my friend and I kind of got lost (yeah LCC is quite big), we were too busy taking pictures that we didn’t notice the other people had left us behind. At the end we found a guide that showed us the right way. (One we found earlier but were too sceptical to take).


The whole trip was quite adventurous but I didn’t like the fact that there was no variety of food available there. So when going, I advise you pack a lunch box with all your favourite things to eat. Adventures are better on filled tummies.

Would I go back some other time ? Definitely! It’s a perfect get away location.

Ever been to LCC? What was your experience? Any other place like LCC in Lagos?

Please drop your comments below. I’ld like to know your thoughts!