Hello lovelies, how is your week going? I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been busy dealing with the struggles of adulting. *sighs* but it feels good to be back!

In this post, I’m telling you all about my camp experience and showing you possible ways to style your camp uniform …Lol

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On entering the camp. I dragged my heavy box all the way from the main gate to the hostel which was basically a large hall with lots of bunk beds. I was given a bed space right next to my buddies from the bus. This further strengthened our bond. I also got a very cool bunk-mate and we all are still good friends up on till now. We did all our registrations together, we would fetch water together, wake each other up in the morning, go to the parade ground together and go collect food together from the camp kitchen (sometimes though…because camp food was kind of wacky). The only time we were separated was when it was time for platoon activities. I was in platoon seven which always claimed to be the best. My platoon commandant (everyone called him Commando) would shout SEVEN PLATOOON!!! And we’ll all respond THE BEST!!! This really annoyed the other platoons.


“White fowls” thats what the soldiers called us


On a queue in front of the camp kitchen for dinner


Camp roomies and besties


The SAED programme would have been a lot more beneficial if we didn’t spend 80% of the time in a boring lecture hall that barely had enough seats for everyone.

Rehearsing on the parade ground

Three days into camp and I was like a zombie. Tbh I couldn’t cope with the early morning parades, activities and as well as the 5-hours SAED (Skill Acquisition) lectures. I would go to the parade ground sleepy and grumpy, wouldn’t talk to anyone in my platoon and run back into my hostel at the slightest opportunity. But as time went on, I said to myself “this would soon come to an end, you are only going to do this once in your entire life so you might as well enjoy every bit of it” So I became open to being more participative.

How we sat most of the time due to sun and fatigue

I would have loved to be part of the EXCOS in Platoon 7 but I got to camp late, couldn’t finish my registration on time so I missed the elections. I then decided to be an active member of the platoon.

I participated in the Cultural Dance, Golden Voices and Christmas Carol inter-platoon competitions in which we came first, second and third place respectively. We even got N20, 000 after doing a welcome dance for the Director General of NYSC (BRIG GEN. SZ KAZAURE) when he visited Delta State orientation camp.

Rehearsals for our cultural dance presentation

With the platoon president

I also got to work in the camp kitchen, it was all sorts of fun, I got to interact with and serve fellow corps members meals for a whole day. Also, I could have as much food as I wanted. (Not that the food was so great)

With the two cutest guys in my platoon

There are lots of activities to look forward to on camp, cooking competitions, sports, man o’ war activities, parade competition, carnival, and night time social activities like singing contests, beauty pageants (Miss NYSC & Mr Macho), dancing competitions, comedy and bon fire night. There is also lots of music to groove to during this time. Because these activities are not compulsory you’ll be tempted not to attend them. Please make sure you go to these events. Many people argue that the three weeks camping experience is the best thing about NYSC and I’m afraid I kind of agree.

Swearing in ceremony

On this day ehn we stood for hours under the sun.

Carnival Day

Delta state camp officials and soldiers were a bit strict and sometimes unnecessarily harsh but I couldn’t let them steal my joy. They would punish corps members, forcefully drag them out of the hostels (female soldiers especially) they would come to the hostels to pour water and sometimes sand on people who didn’t leave the hostel on time. But I survived it all.

Aha! I almost forgot to talk about MAMI (Camp Market). This place was part of the reasons camp was fun. My friends and I would go to there to drop our dirty laundry because the struggle for water was real (water fetched was mostly used for bathing) and it wasn’t so expensive. We would also go there to buy fried goodies like fish, meat, plantain, yam and bean cake (akara) on days we didn’t want to eat the food from the kitchen. We also had one very nice spot where we ate really tasty noodles. I remember one night my platoon members went to celebrate a victory, it was so much fun, we danced, laughed and ordered chilled drinks for everyone. We didn’t have sockets in our hostels so we would go to mami to charge our phones for N50. Because of this my phone battery was always low and this cost me the relationship i was in at the time. Funny right?

I also had a camp crush. I don’t know if it was because I was stuck in a place for three weeks or if I really liked him. His name was Femi. He was the tallest guy in the whole camp, he could sing and was arguably the cutest guy in our platoon. I know you are laughing at me right now but camp does that kind of stuff to you. hehehe

I tried my best to have fun on camp but sadly all good things must come to an end. I was sad and almost tearing up, I was going to miss all my friends even though I didn’t have many (I’m terrible at goodbyes). I was relocating to Ogun state for health reasons but I really wouldn’t have minded staying in Delta State.

I stayed with my mum’s family (Yeah my mum is from Delta) for the night before leaving for Lagos the next day. I travelled with a dead phone but I’m thankful I returned home safely.

I waited some days before travelling down to Ogun state to resume as an Ogun “KOPA”

Thanks for reading.

What was your camping experience? If you haven’t camped are you looking forward to it?

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This is lovely. Brings back lots of memories of camp.


Thanks…that’s the plan!


It was a wonderful experience @ Isseleuku.
Thank God we allowed ourselves av fun… It’s a memory we will live to remember.


Yes dear…glad I met you!


I am posted to Issele uku. Can’t wait!


Awww…you’ll have fun😁


Bunkyyyy of life …lol




so still cluess of the states i wana serve in but my friend keeps on insisting on delta state…nice one

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