Hi guys, it’s been ages I know, I’m not even going to give any excuses even though I have tons. I’ll just promise to be more consistent on here.


Today’s blog post as the title implies is about feeling like a copycat. Growing up, a lot of us heard and used the word ‘copycat’. It simply means someone who adopts, copies, imitates or adopts the same behaviour or practices of someone else.

I’m talking about this because these days, in the creative space people seem to throw that word around a lot. Persons that provide products or services that are FAR from original will be quick to point out smaller or emerging persons as copycats. This is bad for creatives because it instils fear in them and affects their creativity and willingness to push out their ideas.

The thing with Ideas is that they can come up at any time. While sleeping, eating, in the shower, walking on the streets, having a conversation with your friend, basically anywhere. It might be starting a business, a blog, YouTube channel, fashion brand or even building an app. You’ll feel excited, like you finally found that thing that would change the game. You’ll start to think about how the idea might really turn out great if you dedicate your time and resources to it. After you write down your ideas you may decide to tell a friend about it and they casually tell you about someone they’ve seen do something similar or you just might stumble across that exact thing online. How many people have experienced this? I know I have. *sighs*

Whenever I have an idea I usually just Google to see if someone is already doing it or something similar and not so surprisingly I find that tons of people have had that same idea and even successfully executed it either on a small or large scale. No doubt that can take a whole chunk of your excitement and confidence. Then your idea doesn’t feel so special anymore. You start to doubt if you can be as great as the other ones you saw and the fear of being labelled a copycat creeps in, especially if the other person is more popular than you are. The voices in your head will start telling you it will never work and it’s at this stage a lot of people just discard the idea and convince themselves they never really wanted it.

So what does it mean when you have an idea that already exists? Do you go for it anyway? Does going for it regardless make you are a copycat? Does it mean you should abandon it and wait for some other idea?

GO FOR IT! Let whoever, say whatever. Remember no one is you and that your greatest strength, nobody can do it like you can. Even if we both have the same ideas our execution, creative input or process and even output cannot be the exact same As long as you have genuine passion for it, you’ll bring something different to the table.

I personally don’t know how possible it is to create an idea that is 100% original in this age and time and quite frankly constantly avoiding doing things that someone has already done is such an impossible way to live your life. It might protect you from failing, but it also holds you back from living, trying and succeeding. Lots of ideas will never see the light of day because we are avoiding stepping on toes or being called names. So if you have an idea that’s dear to your heart and you haven’t executed because someone else is doing it, you can still do it. Give your ideas a chance, you might even become more ‘successful’.


With that being said I also want to encourage you to be smart, but also not hasty about your ideas. If you refuse to execute an idea that you have, someone else will. There are brains, talents and people willing to do it if you don’t. The true power of an idea lies in its execution.

The world needs both your dreams and your actions. You have a different voice, perspective, and your own thoughts on any issue as just as valid and as necessary in the public conversation. Break out of fear, keep creating what you want to create and make it as public as you can.

Till next time. Byeeeeeeeee!

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