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wandebokinni.com is an inspirational and lifestyle blog focusing majorly on life and style, inspiring young people to be the best versions of themselves, and using personal style as a tool to influence the world around them positively.

There are five categories on my blog meaning every blog post I create will fall under one of these categories.

Be Inspired This part of the blog is where I share inspirational posts to help us do better and be better. It could be a story, a short poem, book review or an abstract from a book that I love, lessons learnt overtime or even a personal victory. Basically, we are helping one another grow and achieve our dreams.

Style• This is where I capture and document my personal style, outfit inspirations and my take on fashion trends. Let’s just say we’ll play dress-up here. Also every month, one post will be dedicated to a style series e.g What I Wore Series, Made in Nigeria Series, One Week Work Outfits and lots more.

Lifestyle• Here, I share personal experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly!), everything from events, hangouts, and restaurant reviews to what happened on the bus on my way to work.

Beauty• Well why not? Because every girl deserves to feel beautiful, we will be talking about skin care routines, make up and natural hair (yup! I’m nappy haired!)

Travel• Honestly? this part of the blog was created to encourage me to travel more, visit more places and explore. I can literally count the number of places i have visited on one hand, I plan to change that.

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