Hi guys, hope your week is going great? I have been putting in so much effort to be as positive and optimistic as possible about my life, my plans and goals and so far it is working. I’m content, happy and ready to take it one step at a time. After all, the joy is in the process not the destination.

I’m moved to write this blog post not because I have it all figured out but because I want to encourage someone out there who might be going through these struggles as a content creator.  While I don’t like to put myself into a box because there is so much more to me than being a content creator I sometimes refer to myself as that.

What is content creation? It is the contribution of information to any media, mostly digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. (Wikipedia)

What you need to ask yourself is as a content creator what do I want to contribute to the online world?

For me, going into bogging was less about the money and more about connecting with people and making impact. Helping people become a better version of themselves by sharing my experiences and what I have learnt over the years.

When I got into blogging, entertainment and gossip blogs were all the rage because they had more traffic and made more money. That’s not me!

I started my blog in 2017, for self-expression and because of this my life has taken a whole new turn. I have been exposed to an online community full of brilliant minds most of which I follow to gain from their wealth of experiences or pick up a thing or two that would be beneficial to me and my blog. Somewhere along the line, this move started to backfire. I was struggling to put out content because I kept comparing myself to these other bloggers. I took a long break from blogging because according to me I wasn’t getting things right, my pictures were not good enough and my content needed to be tweaked a little you know to look more like theirs. I was down and even considered shutting down my blog. I had been so exposed to these people and their lives and what their own idea of blogging was that I was losing myself into the crowd.


I use mostly instagram to connect people with my blog and recently a lot of trends were popping up. New ways of editing pictures, organising your feed, updating your insta stories and so on, it was becoming so overwhelming and distracting me from my own ideas. I am unique and yes I want to create content for people to read and enjoy but if I have to do it like everyone else what’s the point. And while I am very open to learning in my field, I discovered that I was uninterested in learning some of those things and trying to keep up did me more harm than good.

Before these people and their techniques of doing things, I wanted to create content, I had my own ideas, but suddenly they were no good because it didn’t look like what these other bloggers were doing. I felt like I wasn’t creative at all. I was following them for inspiration but sometimes it can backfire, leading you to comparing and ultimately loosing yourself.

So I decided to go back to my drawing board, notes I had made a long time ago before I started blogging. I laughed and it made me realise how far I had deviated from the plan. People! I cannot overemphasize the importance of writing your ideas and visions down. If you aren’t used to writing please start, if you can’t keep a notebook and pen download a note app on your mobile device. I use Colour note, it is very easy to use and helps me organise my thoughts.

Later that week, I went to my instagram page and unfollowed a bunch of these bloggers and influencers. Not because I had any beef with them but for my own peace of mind. So that I could get back to doing my thing my way. Would I follow them back again? Probably, but not anytime soon.

I’m just going to be me! Whether anybody likes it or not. What’s the essence of being a creative if you can’t be unique and bring something different to the table? Even if nobody will pay me for it, I find joy in expressing myself, not channelling someone else all in the name of inspiration or trying to monetize content.

While I currently blog and run a printing and fashion business. I know that I have a whole lot more to put out there in terms of content. Looking into video content as well, your girl ain’t going no where! Hehehe

I hope you enjoyed reading? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Till next time.


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Hey beautiful readers, how are you all doing?…I’m on fire this week. Three blog posts in one week!!! (Lol). This is more or less a throwback post.


I had the pleasure of attending the second edition of the TBP bloggers Brunch in Lagos on the 20th of August 2017 and it was amazing. Just in case you are wondering,TBP means The Blogger Point. It is a community of Nigerian bloggers created to bridge the gap between bloggers and brands and the first of its kind in Nigeria.

The exclusivity of the event and the one on one interactions with other bloggers made me feel like part of a big family. You know, being in a room where the person right next to you understands your joys and struggles. It was amazing to be able to discuss issues dear to our hearts and the best ways to move forward.

For the first time in a while I took countless pictures and made lots of videos for social media without feeling vain or jobless (Lol) because fellow bloggers understand the importance of the perfect angles, good pictures and good social media feed. So no one looks like at you weird.

The venue was Barbar Lagos, a simple and aesthetically pleasing bar in Lekki Phase with amazing cocktail recipes. You should check them out sometime.
(@barbarlagos on IG)

The dress code was an all white theme and the bloggers came through in the most beautiful, stylish and creative outfits. We were like angels gathered in a room.

My pants were thrifted and my top was made a day before by my friend Debby (@miz_polyhistor on IG). Paired with a gold choker, brown sandals and bag. I went for flat sandals because I wanted to be comfortable.

I got to help venue a bit late so I missed the games and icebreakers. But I was just in time for the seminar where we had a panel of experienced bloggers and brand representatives.

It was super enlightening, I learnt so much, made new blogger friends and also got to interact and take pictures with Akin Faminu (he’s a blogger boss basically)

I also went home with a goody bag. Mine contained a bottle of Wilson Lemonade, a face mask, scarf, a bottle of hair growth oil from Desire Luxury, and a branded tote bag from TBP.

Attending the Bloggers Brunch was a wake up call not to give up on doing what I love.

Big ups to Maryam Salam (Founder of the Blogger Point) and the Blogger Point Team for an amazing event. Can’t wait for the next one already! Lol

Enjoy the rest of your week!