Hey guys, how is your week going? and how are those goals coming along?

I decided to do a style post today, on something that has been around for a while now but I recently added to my closet. It’s the wide leg jumpsuit, in African prints (Ankara).

Now I have a number of African fabrics in my closet thanks to my mum who buys them and my Dad (Yes Dad!) who sometimes gives me yards of his left over fabrics. So I decided to make one instead of buying a ready to wear piece.

All I had to do was pick the right fabric and the right person to bring my jumpsuit to life. So, I contacted Slayed by DC (slayed_by_dc on IG). I saw a picture on Instagram of a beautiful jumpsuit she had made for someone and followed the tag on the picture, to my surprise she was a friend from high school. I sent the fabric and voila this beautiful piece was born!

Jumpsuits are so comfortable (don’t ask me how I go to the bathroom!) and versatile. I love that it’s in African prints too because the colours are so vibrant, you’d definitely get noticed when you walk into a room (yeah, because the jumpsuit is all that!).

It is simply stylish, perfect for parties, picnics, weekends, and even for the office

Throw on some nice jewellery and you’ll look sophisticated in seconds. This would work for a dinner/date.

Jumpsuits are fun and a go-to in times of wardrobe emergencies. Try copping two or three of these babies for yourself in different prints and fabrics.

Need a reliable designer? Contact @slayed_by_dc on Instagram. Thank me later!

What do you think of this outfit? What’s your go to outfit for wardrobe emergencies? How would you style this outfit? Share your thoughts below.


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” – Oscar de la Renta.

This simple quote says it all for me. Style is all about self expression, being comfortable, feeling beautiful and confident in what you wear. For me, it is never really about trends because certain trends don’t cut it for me and even when I ‘follow’ fashion trends I alter them to make them work for me.

On a good day you’ll find me wearing loose fitting clothes like T-shirts, oversize shirts, mom jeans, sweat shirt and pants etc. Whenever I need to dress up for a girls night out or a date you’ll find me wearing something short and free. Like I said earier I love comfort.

I also wear a lot of tiny straps, alterneck or offshouder tops and dresses. Showing just the right amount of skin when I need to.

How would you define your style?