Hey beautiful readers, how are you all doing?…I’m on fire this week. Three blog posts in one week!!! (Lol).¬†This is more or less a throwback post.


I had the pleasure of attending the second edition of the TBP bloggers Brunch in Lagos on the 20th of August 2017 and it was amazing. Just in case you are wondering,TBP means The Blogger Point. It is a community of Nigerian bloggers created to bridge the gap between bloggers and brands and the first of its kind in Nigeria.

The exclusivity of the event and the one on one interactions with other bloggers made me feel like part of a big family. You know, being in a room where the person right next to you understands your joys and struggles. It was amazing to be able to discuss issues dear to our hearts and the best ways to move forward.

For the first time in a while I took countless pictures and made lots of videos for social media without feeling vain or jobless (Lol) because fellow bloggers understand the importance of the perfect angles, good pictures and good social media feed. So no one looks like at you weird.

The venue was Barbar Lagos, a simple and aesthetically pleasing bar in Lekki Phase with amazing cocktail recipes. You should check them out sometime.
(@barbarlagos on IG)

The dress code was an all white theme and the bloggers came through in the most beautiful, stylish and creative outfits. We were like angels gathered in a room.

My pants were thrifted and my top was made a day before by my friend Debby (@miz_polyhistor on IG). Paired with a gold choker, brown sandals and bag. I went for flat sandals because I wanted to be comfortable.

I got to help venue a bit late so I missed the games and icebreakers. But I was just in time for the seminar where we had a panel of experienced bloggers and brand representatives.

It was super enlightening, I learnt so much, made new blogger friends and also got to interact and take pictures with Akin Faminu (he’s a blogger boss basically)

I also went home with a goody bag. Mine contained a bottle of Wilson Lemonade, a face mask, scarf, a bottle of hair growth oil from Desire Luxury, and a branded tote bag from TBP.

Attending the Bloggers Brunch was a wake up call not to give up on doing what I love.

Big ups to Maryam Salam (Founder of the Blogger Point) and the Blogger Point Team for an amazing event. Can’t wait for the next one already! Lol

Enjoy the rest of your week!