Hey guys, I know it’s been a while…Even though I tried to fight it, I have been so overwhelmed lately with feelings of not doing well enough compared to other bloggers especially in terms of the quality of the images I put out. ( I need a better camera) but I have decided to grow into this blogging thing and make use of the little resources I have the best I can.

So, over the weekend I went on an adventurous trip to the Olumo Rock Tourist Complex with a few friends. It’s a tourist attraction located in Abeokuta (the capital of Ogun state in Nigeria).

Now It’s a really funny story because I currently live in that city as a National Youth Service Corps member. In fact I’ve lived here for over eight months and I just went visiting last weekend.

Let me explain. There are rocks practically everywhere in the city. Houses are built on rocks, the roads are constructed rocks and personally I live in a house that sits on a rock and have to go through a rocky path to and from work (I might explain why I rented it in a future blogpost). Now you can understand why I wasn’t enthusiastic about visiting and climbing a giant rock. Lol

But I was wrong, it wasn’t just a rock (well it was a rock but..) with so much historical and cultural heritage as well as other side attractions like the Olumo Rock Art Gallery and the Historical & Cultural Gallery. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the galleries though. They contained paintings, traditional tie and dye wears (which abeokuta is known for), beadwork, woodwork and other artifacts.

Notice my adiré top and beads? Now that was just me being extra. Lol

I know a number of people who have visited Olumo Rock and told me a number of things about the place but I made up my mind to have a unique personal experience.

Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage, It also provides you with an amazing, over the top view of the city.

These lines were clearly written to define boundaries, so that visitors do not get carried away and fall off the rock.

We started out our journey exploring every inch of the rock and my friend who was there for the third time (thanks to me) acted as the tour guide, telling us historical facts about the different parts of the rock.

This tiny room served as hideout for hundreds of Egba people during the war.

Finally, we got to a point where we could take a rocky path to the top of the rock or take the stairs.

Guess which we took?

The stairs of course. …the rocky path looked more adventurous but also more dangerous so my friends and I opted for the safer route..so much for adventure….hahaha

The view from the top was amazing! Let me also add that we ran into a popular Nigerian artiste right here “Dare Art Alade” and we took a picture (If you want to see it check my Instagram page) *tongue out*

It was a fun day although I’m not sure it’s a place you want to go over and over. So I’ll just cherish this experience.

Ever been to Olumo rock? How was your experience? Would you like to visit and have questions for me? Drop a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe.

First off, happy new month guys! I hope the month of July is off to a great start for you. Might I add that it’s my birth month…whoop whoop!

Today I will be talking about how I intentionally got my life on the path that I have always wanted.

I’m in my twenties and while growing up I had to battle with self-esteem, confidence, never thinking of myself first and always thinking I wasn’t good enough for the number one spot either at school or outside school. I was practically averaging (not sure there’s a word like that) my way through life. But you get my point, right?

I am a Christian and from a very reserved home, and I appreciate my upbringing because the values it instilled in me have gone a long way in making me who I am today. However this kind of upbringing has a way of boxing up your mind as to what kind of job is suitable for you, what career paths are acceptable, what kind of activities you can be involved in, and all of that. It never really gives you room to be imaginative, consider possibilities outside the box and be a free spirit. It is up to you to find a way to strike a balance so that at the end of the day you have lived a purposeful and happy (very important) life.

“You owe it to yourself to live, I mean truly live and to go after the life you have always wanted. Let nobody tell you otherwise” – WB

Prior to starting my blog, I had a normal life, normal goals, normal everything but I have realised that normal just won’t cut it for me.

Almost all my life I have been unsatisfied with who I was because I always felt I could do or be more. Although, the feeling has been more intense these past two years. Now that I think about it, I feel I was a bit too hard on myself.

I wanted to do so many things but there were so many restrictions both in my mind and in reality, like what would people say, is it the right thing to do, will my parents support me? bla bla bla…. I was even scared of being laughed at. Lol

I saw potentials in myself that nobody else saw and the only way to show them was to first get out of my own way and be unapologetically myself.

Every morning I would wake up and say “I’m changing my life” but would always find one reason or the other to hang on to the life I was so unsatisfied with (You can’t blame me though, it was the only life I ever knew). I thought I could merge the life I had with the one I wanted but boy was I wrong! I eventually realised that this move was going to cost me some of the things I actually liked about my normal life because growth and comfort can’t work together. So sometime in November 2016 I decided to embark on a deliberate physical, emotional and mental separation from the life I once knew. I lost friends, It was hard and scary but absolutely necessary. People didn’t understand but then again they didn’t need to.

“There are far better things ahead than we leave behind”

Fast forward to July 2017 I’m still healing, evolving but loving every inch of my being. I wake up more energised, I am more enthusiastic about life, making new friends, my mind is open to opportunities all around me, I feel like there is nothing I can’t do and I even started my own blog.

Now I’m all about a life of self-expression and happiness, not building my life around people’s thoughts or opinions.

I have a passion for writing, sharing lessons I have learnt as well as personal victories. I also love to assist others with the knowledge I have and help them overcome similar struggles through my experiences and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I am on a journey, deliberately and intentionally changing my life and this blog is a huge part of that process.

“Don’t be too scared of disappointing other people that you end up disappointing yourself”- WB

Thanks for taking time out to read.

Have you ever felt caged, held down by opinions or judgements of people or generally unsatisfied with the situation of things around you? Have you ever felt the need to break out of stereotypical beliefs about you? What did you do? and how did you go about it?

Let me know your thoughts.

Please leave a comment.

Hi guys,
I finally got around to writing my first post (Yay!). After setting up my blog, I was quite nervous because I had no idea what my first post would be. So I made a little research and came across this on http://www.shoutmeloud.com

‘You’ve just jumped into the online world, and no one knows anything about you. If I am supposed to trust you and bookmark your blog, then I will need to know who you are’

So, this is me showing you that I am a real person and I didn’t just fall out of the sky.

I’m Yewande Bokinni, some of my friends call me ‘Wande’ thus the blog name wandebokinni.com. I’m from Lagos-Nigeria, and a graduate of Educational Management currently undergoing NYSC (National Youth Service Corps). Now if you are Nigerian you already know what that means but if you aren’t, well….NYSC is a compulsory one year service to the nation that all Nigerian graduates must undergo. Especially if you seek to be employed by any government or private establishment in Nigeria.

My interests and hobbies revolve around all forms of art and creativity from visual arts to fashion, music, dance, drama, graphics designing, creative writing and photography. I’m currently working on a casual wear line featuring colourful and fun pieces for both sexes.

I am a fun mix of contrasting characters, I can be a total nerd one minute and a cool kid the next minute, social at times and a complete introvert at other times. I am blessed with numerous personalities and the goal is to embrace and explore all these different sides of me. I love bright colours, beautiful patterns and designs on fabric, walls, books or accessories. One of my favourite places to be is the mall (I mean you can get almost everything you want here!). Some of my favourite things to eat are cakes, ice cream, chocolates and spicy foods. Yup, I’m a foodie. I like to try new foods and drinks whenever I go out.

Did I mention that I wear braces? Yup! pretty much explains why you won’t see a lot of pictures of me smiling on here. I have been wearing it for two years now but I’m still getting used to the whole idea of smiling in pictures. I’m a little shy and also trying not to creep you out.

I also loooove cartoons? My favourite channels to watch are Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network! Yes I’m in my twenties, sue me! Someone once said “You still love cartoons at this age because you have refused to face reality” I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about and I’m not sure  I’m going to stop loving them anytime soon.
I also watch a lot of fashion and lifestyle channels, they inspire me to be creative in my thinking, style and writing.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. Whenever I learnt anything new I would want to share it so badly that if an opportunity to do so didn’t present itself I would create one myself. I have been giving motivational speeches in my empty bedroom room since I was eight, with the hope that one day I would eventually be given a microphone and a real audience to inspire with my stories. This is one of the reasons I created this blog, to inspire others.

One of my many fantasies is being royalty, a princess actually. You know, butlers, fancy ball gowns and tiaras, fancy house, fancy food and a fancy accent. Now I am older and girls my age want to be addressed as ‘Queens’ and even ‘Kings’. I still want to be a princess (*mutters softly*)

I am passionate about making a difference in the world and I believe that everyone no matter how little has something unique to contribute to the world.

I am more adventurous in my head than real life, which explains why I don’t travel much (I hope to change that). I have travelled to quite a few places but never on my own except it was compulsory or a family thing.

I can be a little extra at times.

I like flowers, life sized teddy bears and statement tee-shirts (you’ll be seeing a lot of them on here)

I love stylish people and style for me revolves around three things; what I love, what feels comfy and what truly reflects how I feel at a particular time.

This little space on the internet is my creative outlet and the plan is to be totally and unashamedly me!

Still want to know more about me or the blog?

Click here https://wandebokinni.com/about-me/